Sunday, June 18, 2006


If anyone can explain to me how to insert the line from Blogroll into my code I would be eternally grateful. I hope it's just a matter of copying the code provided by Blogroll and pasting it into Blogger without any thing else but have been trying to do it without success.

I really am a kindergartener when it comes to these things, that wasn't a joke. You can be assured that the experience has been sufficiently humiliating.

Please get in touch with me at or in this comment thread.

If you are trying to add a link to "blogroll" in your sidebar you need to edit your template in Blogger, not just add it like a new post.

Read through this comment completely before starting, so you know what is coming. It seems a bit intimidating but is actually quite easy. The main thing is to copy your original template and save it as a backup in case of mistakes. I have doen this many times and occasionaly get a mess, but the backup has saved me. Soemtimes it isn't even your error, but Blogger making an error. SO don't be afraid, dive in, and have fun customizing your page.

You need to go to the "dashboard" in blogger (click on "Blogger" in top left corner of your webpage) and select "change setting" icon that looks like a little gear. Then select the tab labeled "template". Now you will be at a page that shows a window of text. That window is the template for your webpage. It tells blogger how to layout your webpage for presentation to the world. I have found that the best way to edit the template is to put your cursor in the window and enter "ctrl-a" from the keyboard (hold down the ctrl key and hit the a key then release the ctrl key). This will select all your text in the template. Then hit "ctrl-c" to copy all that text into the Windows clipboard. Open Windows Notepad and paste all that text into a new document window. You can use any other editor of your liking as long as it will save as pure text, NOT a word type document. Now save the new document as "Original Template.txt". This is your backup in case you mess up you can just copy and paste it back into the template and you will be back where you started.

Now do a "save as" and give this document a new name like "changed template.txt". Now you will make your edits here. Scroll down or use the "find' function in notepad to find "!-- Begin #sidebar --" )without the quotes and with a pair of <> enclosing it). Anything you paste here will show up in the side bar of your webpage. Scroll down and look at what is in there already. You will find "Google" and "Edit-Me" here as shown on your main page. Below that is a good place to paste the Blogroll code you got.

DO another save on your new document in Notepad. Now do another "ctrl-a" to select all the text, then "ctrl-c" to copy the selection, switch to Blogger and paste the changed text into the template window. If all the text is still selected in the window then a straight paste will overwrite the original text. If the text is NOT still selected form before, then you need to select it all again and paste your new template back into the window.

Now you can click on "Preview" button and see if the page looks OK. If you followed the steps correctly you should now be ready to save the template changes. Or if it doesn't look right you can hit the "Clear Edits" button and it will rstore the template. By clicking on the save button below the window you will let Blogger know you are OK with the changes. After a minute or so, Blogger will tell you the change has been saved and now you need to "Publish" your blog or the "Index Only" only. So click on either button on the page that are so marked. Wait a minute and 'voila!" you should be good to go.

If you aren't clear on this or need a little more help you can email me at
Thank you pseudolus. I will print this out, read it several times and try it.
As I said, I am eternally greatful.
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