Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Atrios has a post featuring some of the schizdom of Ann Coulter. I select only one of the several selections:

Anal sex, oral sex, fisting, dental dams, 'birthing games' --- all that would be foisted on unsuspecting children in order to protect kindergarteners from the scourge of AIDS. Page 175

Well, on June 7th in response to a Republican troll this blog said:

The most rapid and massive campaign of sex education in the history of the country was when Henry Hyde and the Republicans on his committee released the full details of Bill Clinton's affair. Teachers I know said that almost overnight children down to the lowest grades were talking about oral sex in ways they'd never heard before. The cabloids and even the broadcast networks repeatedly gave every detail about oral sex and semen stains in prime time for any child to hear. I don't remember any complaining from the right wing clergy or the Peroxide Aryan Sisterhood then.

What else can I say?

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