Monday, June 26, 2006


I just spent fifteen minutes reading a thread on MyDD speculating as to whether someone meant a piece as satire or not. Ok, so I am exhausted and it should have taken me five minutes to read it but I kept forgetting what they were talking about.

The Point? Isn't it satire only if people know it's satire? Has the truly destructive effect of blogs been that you read so much nonsense, so much outright bilge, so much unintentionally funny stuff that you can't tell if it's margarine or butter?

In other words, are blogs making us as stupid as Republicans?

This is why I never find parody trolls funny. I don't even find General J.C. Christian amusing.
Parody trolls, what's the point? If you can make one joke that way, a joke that is clearly a joke, then maybe. If it's not funny I wish they'd explain why they do it sometime.

Sometimes I wondered if it wasn't that I was too old to get the joke but after four years of just about daily reading of blogs the joke should have become clear by now. Though not being able to see if someone gets the joke on a blog thread is a drawback to the form. I usually figure if no one tires to top a joke that's the sign that it failed on line. Trying to get someone to top a joke is the real reason for trying it.
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