Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Bush has told what is the whopper of the day.

" ours is a transparent society ".

If there is a bigger lie told today, please let me know.

Oh come-on. Bush never lies. He just speaks in Humpty-Dumpty language.

For example, here Bush is correct. This is indeed a transparent society -- people are transparent in their greed, their blood-lust, etc.
It *is* a whopper, but an example of the type of self-delusional whopper that's always been pretty standard in America.

Like "America is founded on equality."

Or "the job of the media is to speak truth to power."

Not to be cynical, but speaking ideals that clearly aren't reality is just plain old politics, and that's fine. We shouldn't stop speaking the ideals or they may get forgotten.

Perhaps by saying "ours is a transparent society," Bush reinforces that idea in the impressionable minds of his supporters, which might be helpful when at last it becomes apparent even to them that Bush's administration isn't the least bit interested in transparency.
A bigger lie: I expect he was referred to as "President" Bush.
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