Saturday, June 24, 2006


The recent denunciations of the old media against the blogs are too furious and too coordinated to be coincidental. They've been grousing about this among themselves in a very serious manner indeed. This is the popcorn hull in their teeth that they can't get out and can't live with. Well, unless Congress kills it off they'll just have to get used to it, it's not coming out.

The accusation that the blogs are any one thing are another and that there is a blogging community that has any kind of hierarchy is a charge only someone who had no experience of it could make. The blogs of the left, not so oddly the ones that have them shook, are too large in number, too amazingly varied and too independent for the charges brought to come near the mark. Most of the political blogs are free to their owners, some sweat equity not withstanding. Anyone can get a blog if they've got a computer and an internet connection. It's the exact anti-matter to the corporate media. Largely anonymous, if chosen, and without credentials, whether one succeeds depends entirely on the ability to write or produce something that people want to see again.

So, the panicked and most unjournalistically unsourced ethics charges against blogs and blogging........

They might as well take out ethics charges against paper.

If you can have a War On Terror, you can have a War On Blogging.
But the War on Blogging won't be nearly as profitable for Dick Cheney.

I think I'll declare war on Semaphore. Hum.....
Rhymes are catchy.
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