Thursday, June 22, 2006


If you heard the proposal that Laura Nero's song "Save the Country" be made the national anthem you might think it was a joke, and it was, sort of. But only because it won't ever be done. Not least of all because it's too much fun to sing. National anthems aren't meant for fun, I guess. And you can't imagine people marching in formation to it. Too bad, it really would be a great democratic anthem, if not a Democratic one.

The first line has the word "People" which is notably missing from the present one, not even down in the verses no one ever sings. It's an invitation for the People and the Children to come down to glory through change, specifically to Martin Luther King's vision, nothing wrong there. She points the way to get there too, harnessed fury for justice. That's something to remember while in the middle of the hand wringing and despair that hampers the leftist blogs today. Approaching three times the age Laura Nero was then I've got to admit that it's astonishing how wise it is and how well put. And then there's that vocal line. Feeling mystified admiration for someone that young is one of the more pleasant advantages of getting old.

You wonder how she had the time if she researched, Sweet Blindness and Stone Soul Picnic. It could be that those songs were written as much from creative imagination as from a bottle. Songs on all kinds of subjects were pouring out of her at the same time. Again, as a geezer, I'm jealous. I have an idea what that might have been like but it'll never happen to me.

Too bad, it really would be a great democratic anthem, if not a Democratic one.

The Dems do need an anthem, don't we? I guess we could be a little bit more promenant with "Happy Days are Here Again".

IIRC, the Labor Party used to be religious about singing Jerusalem (also sung at the Proms -- how's that for free publicity for your party): I bet under Blair, that's gone away. We ought to have something similar to that, though, don't you think. I've not heard the song your bring up, but from your description it sounds like a good deal.
alberich, now I'm really feeling my age. It was a big hit about 1967. If anyone doesn't know Laura Nero's music, it deserves a hearing. She was a very good song writer and performer. Her death was way too early.

I like the recordings with just her and a piano but her voice is always worth hearing no matter what the arrangement. Some of those are a bit dated but they are interesting because of their variety and complexity.
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