Thursday, June 15, 2006


Dear Senator Schumer,

I see that you have made statements in support of Joe Lieberman, going so far as to hint that the DSCC might support him in an independent bid in opposition to a Democratic candidate who wins the nomination in Connecticut. To use a formerly amusing signature line, What were you thinking?

A Democratic Senator in charge of the Campaign Committee has no business threatening the Democratic voters of any state over who they might give THEIR nomination to. No matter how long he has been in the Senate, Joe Lieberman doesn't own the seat, the voters of his state do. And no matter what his status in the party he doesn't own the nomination, the Democratic voters of his state do. I don't know why you said what you did but consider these simple truths to be a refresher in Democratic Civics, section 101. Dictates from above are just too, too Republican.

You have 24 hours to fix the damage your statement has done, 48 at most. It was a pretty bad screw up so I'd suggest strong remedies. Nothing short of an apology to the Democrats of Connecticut and a reaffirmation that their voice is the voice of God to the leaders of the party will get it done.

You could make yourself famous by taking these long lost truths back into currency if you start now. Look on this as a golden opportunity, it well could be. That would do much more for your reputation than upholding the silly pose of Senate comity that makes most of the nation retch.

Until the nomination is set, I would suggest that you steer clear of these kinds of things from now on. Certainly keep quiet about them in public. And it would be a good idea to tell your staff to shut up too. Loose lips sink ships.

yours in hope of Democratic victory,


Brilliant letter, olvlzl!

I wrote to Schumer, too - last night. His statement was outrageous.

I'm calling my congressman and senators this morning, as well.

Hopefully, Schumer will make some kind of apology and correct his foolish remarks. we'll see later, I guess!

I work with someone from the great state of New York: evidently Schumer has a long and glorious history of being completely useless -- including having one of the worst attendence records in the House when he was a Rep.
Schumer is an ass, a clown, a noncom.

He will have egg on his face when Jeomentum is defeated and Ned Lamont is rightfully elected to represent the good people of Connecticut.
As Jane @FDL pointed out, the D in DSCC stands for "Democratic", not "Incumbent".
Unfortunately, Schumer's own seat apparently doesn't come up until 2010. He could use some comeuppance.
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