Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fertilize The New Republic With Republican Blog Depravity See What Grows

You are being spared the five-hundred word post on the recent goody-two-shoes tattle-tailing on us leftist bloggers for using dirty words. Echidne, digby and others have written well and with good humor on the subject. I doubt that impressionable children are scouring leftist political blogs looking for cheap thrills, though it's clear that grown "journalists" are. If I'm wrong about that at least the kids are working on their reading skills. The most the subject deserves is to say that everyone has a right to decide for themselves. Either way it's a trivial thing.

But the question that Chris Bowers of mydd asked yesterday is worth thinking about more. The Republican blogs daily incitement to murder the 4.5 non-Scalito justices or someone actually on the left seldom gets mentioned in The New Republic, The LA Times, Slate or other venues of the lazy commentariat who bemoan the mythical Kosa Nostra. Given the ease of collection, you would think that this would be a well-tapped natural resource for those living the good live of "opinion journalism". Just look at the Republican blogs, the guano is waist deep.

It's because the target of the prissy press isn't the mot vulgare or violent talk, it's the leftist bloggers who provide something the commercial media will provide over their dead bodies. Leftist commentary and information that doesn't favor the corporate oligarchy is what it's about.

The "liberal media" in the U.S. is as much a part of the establishment as the News and World Report of the Wall Street Journal. They represent the leftmost point that the discussion has been allowed to go, which isn't on the left at all.

That The New Republic has joined in the finger shaking is no surprise. They have existed for most of our lives on the fiction that they are a liberal voice, something they stopped being a long, long time ago. They are the part of the corporate and kept media that is the most endangered by the emergence of real, leftist news sources. So they're freaking.

As for us, we should collect the evidence and whenever the media whores or their associated academics start flapping their lips and tut-tutting we should pitch it to them. Silk slippers and soft hands are ill-prepared to deal with manure. The only use for that requires composting and turning. Mr. Bowers has asked just the right question, we need to follow through. Pile the evidence of Republican depravity on Marty's mag until they can't ignore it any more.

Note: I'm not bothering with "conservative blogs" anymore, they're Republican mouth pieces. Let the party of Hayes, Helms and Bush answer for their trolls.

The "liberal media" in the U.S. is as much a part of the establishment as the News and World Report of the Wall Street Journal. They represent the leftmost point that the discussion has been allowed to go, which isn't on the left at all.

Wonderful post, olvlzl!!!

I'll repeat what I just wrote at Eschaton - they really don't represent the progressive movement in this country anymore.

They're trying to marginalize the lefty blogs by jumping on the "blogs are wacky" bandwagon - but the polling shows that the majority of voters think that the country is heading in the wrong direction, and a majority of those polled say that they want the Ds to take back the majority in the Congress. You don't see that reflected in the political magazines and talk shows, though - they're stuck on the "we have to win the center" script.

There was a poll that came out right after the 2004 election that said the majority of Dems polled wanted the Democratic party to operate as an opposition party, - but the establishment press ignored that poll, too.

TNR just isn't worth paying for - I signed up for a free month and I have to say - the lefty blogosphere offers better writing and insight and it's free!!

- Portia
I'm not sure which is more disturbing: When the media tells us what to think, or when it tells us what we *already* think.
Kosa (w/ a K) Nostra !?!


"Fertilize" (in your heading) reminds me of this, seen earlier at Eschaton, and sorry to repeat, if that's the case:

(apologies, I haven't figured out how to link, yet)
I'm sorry about not responding. My internet service provider had some trouble yesterday and I had to post remotely. And there is always that pesty work to get done.

Don't worry about not being able to link, I don't know how to do that yet myself. I'm in the second week of learning HTML, too chicken to try anything until I've learned some.
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