Saturday, July 15, 2006

Making Fascism Seem Normal Scalia Includes Bush Signing Statement in an Opinion

If you haven't read it yet, please read Charlie Savage's article in today's Boston Globe about the implications of Scalia's dissent from the Guantanamo decision. Specifically consider the status that the inclusion of the Bush signing statement in his dissent gives it.

Signing statements are one of the biggest warning signals that "strict construction", "originalism", "federalism", etc. are smoke screens of the well-funded Republican legal team. They are euphemisms for fascism. The theft of the legislative role by the executive is clear, obvious and dangerous. Scalia's insertion of it in an opinion is an attempt to make these extra-constitutional tools of despotism seem normal.

This gradual, very gradual, normalization of anti-democratic ideas has been one of the Republican-fascists' more successful strategies. The Democratic establishment falls for it just about every time as only the most serious and thoughtful members of the corporate media have reservations about them. Those reservations seldom rise to the same level of importance to them as invitations to the best parties so they are stated in very timid voices. Most of the media are either dupes or outright fascists themselves. Their certain attacks on Democrats or others who sound the alarm are another successful part of the strategy.

Scalia and the rest of the ascendant Supreme Court majority are paving the way for real, actual, one-Republican-man-rule in this country. We don't have any time to argue about the niceties of the issue or the harshness of the language required to spread the news. They have to be stopped now or the results will be catastrophic.

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