Saturday, July 01, 2006


Why is the Bush regime taking the talibanization of Somalia so calmly? Could it have anything to do with why it's taking the re-talibanization of Afghanistan so calmly?

Has the Republican right decided that they can do business with the crypto-medieval Wahabists? How much pressure have they put on the Bush Crime Family partners, the House of Saud, to stop funding these psychotic, women hating, thugs?

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Obviously one of those Republican intellectuals we hear about.
By appealing to brevity, that post almost attained the long-rejected promise of actual proper grammar, coming up short only by sacrificing capitalization, usually a Republican specialty, and an ending period.

But at least you have a troll. I'm like so jealous.
Not to condone the actions of the Taliban, but their rise in the first place was actually supported by many women.

One thing many Americans miss is the support, in many parts of the world, by women for the strict implementation of a Wahabist influenced Sha'aria ... because as badly as women fair under such a system of laws, they generally fair better under Islamic law than tribal law in places like Afghanistan. If we really want to stop the spread of "Islamofascism" (as well as help women), we must remember that in some places women are better off under Islamic fundamentalist rule than tribal rule ... and women realize this and push the men in their lives to support causes accordingly. Thus, we cannot depose "Islamofascism" in a place, hand over power to tribal leaders and expect a magical revolution in women's rights -- but rather the opposite with the result that women are going to push their fathers, husbands and sons back toward Islamofascism as they don't see any other alternative.

Interestingly, if you talk to enough Afghanis of varying backgrounds, you'll come to the conclusion that the Taliban were not so much religious fundamentalist women hating thugs as racist thugs who took out their racist rage on women and used Islam as their excuse: they were often wont to be conveniently strict when it came to enforcing "Islamic law" to the detriment of women of other tribes but conveniently more lax when it came to their own (unless it was convenient otherwise, if you catch my drift) -- the Taliban, like the Bush & CO fundies, were quite happy with double standards as it suited them.

FWIW, I agree with your take on the psychology and motivations of what's going on. Also for all the anti-Iranian rhetoric of the right, remember they previously secretly were helping Iran (Iran/Contra) and still consider the democratic theocracy of Iran to be the model for what they want here.
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