Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Medved Gives Anti-Semite Mel Gibson Absoloution

Did you see it just a while ago? Paula Zahn asking Michael Medved what he thought of Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade? I must say that when it was first in the news Medved's two step was the little dance number I was waiting to hear. Would he stand up for his ethnic identity against the undeniable hate talk of Mel Gibson? How much worse could it be than to say that Jews were responsible for every war in history? Or would he go Hollywood and urge everyone to be understanding of his good friend Mel Gibson as he kissed his Jew Hating backside? Is William Donohue an opportunist? Medved gave Mel a pass while taking an entirely gratuitous swipe at that well known Jew hater, Michael More.

I've got to say that the only new information that came out of Paula Zahn's segment was the news that William "President for Life of the Catholic League" Donohue is now styling himself "Dr". And apparently CNN thinks he's qualified to forgive slanders made against every Jew who has ever lived, guess he's an honorary "Father Donohue" too.

Medved's been working on that Michael-Moore's-an-anti-Semite riff this week -- check out this post at his TownHall blog.
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