Thursday, September 14, 2006

From Letters to an Adolescent Flamer

I've always said that I'd rather have fifty readers who were likely to take effective political action than thousands of do nothing venters and attention grabbers. Given your level of maturity and reading ability you're not my target audience. You can go back to that blog you so obviously prefer and vent with the rest of the kiddies.

Hey, I'm a kid (or at least still trying to hold onto my quickly vanishing youth -- funny, when I was half my age, I couldn't wait to be an adult) and a do-nothing venter and I resemble your comment.

[forgot to put the point of my comment]

And yet I still feel like I'm part of your target audience.
I'm trying really hard *not* to be a do-nothing venter. My problem is that I *really* hate talking to strangers, especially strangers who would rather be left alone, so phone banking and canvassing are acutely uncomfortable for me. Fortunately, it turns out that a lot of progressive organizations do need data entry/office help, so I'll be helping Clean Water Action, Sierra Club, and Liberty PA, who are apparently all pretty far behind. I did data entry for four years, and I can still key like a mofo.
alberich, this jerk who has been sending me flaming e-mails is definitely not in the same class as you. Come to think of it class has got nothing to do with it.

And I'm pretty sure I know who it is. I've been reading her 12-year-old level work. It's an open invitation to mockery that could be a lot of fun to write. And after this week I could use some of that.
eli, do nothing venters do not read my stuff, I hope. At least not more than once. There was a time when I'd have said that that's an advantage of length.
That doesn't seem to be an issue with that particular bunch of blogs. Well, if you assume they read anything. I sort of doubt they do.

Like you said, it seems to be mostly a matter of their picking out words and phrases to vent over, maybe they read their own stuff just as carefully as they do other peoples'.
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