Friday, September 01, 2006

I Need Your Advice

Circumstances are forcing me to cut back on writing for this blog. I am thinking about cutting back regular posts to twice during the week with short, irregular posts in between. It is also likely that I'll be doing some weekend guest posting at another blog.

The only reason for writing this blog is that it be useful or at least interesting to you who do me the honor of reading the posts. Please tell me how to better serve you in what way I can. I will not be posting anything here for the next couple of days so this will be at the top of the page.

Your advice really is needed if I am to continue.

yours truly,

P.S. I will be guest blogging at Echidne's blog on weekends for the foreseeable future.

You suck.
There was a young man who went to a become a monk.
The abbot on welcoming him into the order said, "We are a very strict order with a vow of silence. Once a year you are allowed to say two words, do you accept these conditions?"
"I do." came the terse reply.
At the end of the first year the abbot said, "You may say your two words now,".
"Food bad," came the reply.
At the end of the second year the abbot said, "And what do you have to say Brother?"
"Bed hard,". Came the reply with an edge of impatience.
At the end of the third year the abbot said, "And now, Brother what would you like to say for yourself?"
"I quit,".
"Well," said the abbot, "It's no suprise, all you've done is complain since you came!"

So, two word troll. Don't feel as if you have to stay on our account.
I don't know how I feel, I was irritated with you a few days back when you quoted Marx on Orcinus in a language I don't reconize and said you assumed anyone reading would be familiar with the phrase. I was not familiar with the phrase, you lost me and I felt defensive to boot. I read the blogs I do to learn. I have learned from you, here and other places. I do want to keep reading your ideas, but I don't know that I can accomodate the insult.
I'm sorry if that was too harsh. I want to add that your observations on that thread at Orc. were the smartest thing I've read anywhere about the cult of puritism, and useful in helping figure out which groups I want to give my energy to and which are self-aggrandizing time-stealers. So, in spite of feeling slighted I vote yes, please continue.
flawdplan, what Marx said was "I am not a Marxist". Sorry if it seemed like an insult, I didn't mean it as such.

My point, if I remember correctly, is that Marxists of the sort I was answering are more interested in their ideology than in spouting ideology than in learning and acting effectively for real change.

The post "Have You Ever Been Red-Baited From the Left?" last Tuesday is a longer resonse about alleged Marxists responding to one of those insulting e-mails that ideologues seem to enjoy sending me. It has more on this subject.
you only posting two plus days a week is no less important than a triaglist is in a 300 person orchestra

keep writing, for i can't
Thank you tofubo, I hope the triangle is the one Brahms put it to in the scherzo of his fourth symphony. I'll keep writing, just not as much as in the past three months.
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