Thursday, October 05, 2006

Got What's Going Round

Drinking Gingerale By the Bucket. Hope You Don't Get It.

No Long Writing Tonight.

he CBS Evening News was awful before. Bob Schieffer, brother of Bush business associate and Ambassador to Japan, was driving it into the ground, the Katie Courwreck* hasn't done anything to improve that situation.

This doesn't surprise me, neither the value of a woman's thoughts in Free Speech being tied to her status as a parent nor the pathetic ratio**. The Evening News is the total retreat of CBS away from the news and into the depths of cabloid "news". It took them fifty years to do it, but the corporate state won.

I hope it's a flop.

* Now that's one I'm pretty sure I've got dibs on.

** Echidne analyzed it and puts it at Men 18 Women 5. And the women were generally there due to their status as mothers.

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