Monday, October 02, 2006

The Murders in the Amish School

It's not possible to know if there is any sense to be made of these acts of violence, to find something that could help prevent another one but it's got to be tried. They should look at everything they can about these murderers and see if they can find anything that might have inspired them. Hatred of women, or females seems to be common, glorification of violent masculinity. I heard that there is evidence that this guy today was inspired by what they said on TV about the last one in Colorado, he seemed to copy what that one did.

I wonder if it's a good idea to have so much about these on TV. The details repeated over and over. To normal people it might just seem like TV but I'll bet to a lot of marginal people like these it seems like a celebrity news. It would be easy to imagine these creeps fantasizing about the A&E segment about the crime they're committing, about the lurid details and sensational acts described. It's not possible to know but TV or video must have some role to play in some of them.

It's not a good tradeoff. The police shouldn't reveal details to the press or the general public unless they need to know. There are some things it's too dangerous to reveal and which the public doesn't really have any need to know. The police shouldn't talk to the media while something is going on.

That said, this is so disturbing, the third time since school started this year. I don't know an America that watches these things happen over and over again and doesn't do anything about it.

My brother had a phone call the other night, a solicitation from the NRA. He doesn't own a gun and doesn't have any idea how he got on their list. The NRA huckster told him that they had to raise money to keep the U.N. from taking all our guns. They're Murder Incorporated as far as I'm concerned.

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