Wednesday, March 14, 2007

C-Span Shows It’s Bias Again

Not being a buyer of cable TV I don’t watch C-Span’s Washington Journal much anymore. When I used to, I found it to be one of the programs most flagrantly biased in favor of the Republican establishment among the allegedly neutral and reputable media. It was the first place I heard of Matt Drudge, the fictitious “transition vandals scandal” and many other pieces of Republican spin. Hiding behind an equally fictitious screen of “impartially reporting what was being said” Republican lies were a major feature of the program.

By chance I heard Washington Journal today and saw a new face in the host’s chair, a woman who consistently used the phrase “the democrat line” to refer to the lines set aside for callers.

The word “democrat” is a noun, or at least that’s the part of speech it’s supposed to be. The adjective is “democratic”. As used by conservatives, Republicans and those duped by them the word “democrat” is used as an adjective of invective. It’s roughly the equivalent of the word “Hebrew” when used in exactly the same way as the word “kike”.

Members of the media who use the word “democrat” as an adjective reveal themselves to be one of two things, a Republican shill, someone who is ignorant of basic grammar or otherwise too stupid to have a job in the media. Or at least they are if they continue to use it after being told that it reveals this about them. Listeners to the media have every right to suspect the motives of people who use “democrat” as an adjective.

Democrats in the Congress should really consider if they want to allow the former member of the Nixon administration, Brian Lamb’s C-Span to be the broadcaster of its sessions or if a truly independent broadcaster with higher standards for its on-air personnel would better serve the interests of a democratic government.

"I wish that the chastity industry would be subjected to the same level of certainty in its claims that vaccine manufacturers were about theirs. The chastity industry, like the anti-drug industry, are a self-interested bunch of crooks. Their approach has been failing the test of time from time immemorial."

Great idea! Let's reguire the abstinence promoters to publish the pregnancy rates associated with their "just keep your legs crossed" approach. I'm sure this data would cause many well-meaning but naive parents to re-examine their position vis-a-vis the HPV vaccine.
Um, not my party, but "your slip is showing". First word, last paragraph : my bad. And the "apostrophe police" would catch you for using the conjunction for "it is" in place of the possessive "its".
Be a dear and delete this, will you ? I appreciate your contributions at "Echidne" and don't want to appear a total shithead and nit picker .
For some reason it never occurred to me to "click the link" ( Alzheimer's ? ) there so I'm off to do the tour. Silly quibbling all done.
I hope you don't mind an off-topic comment, but I think this is important: There is a great post on The Carpetbagger Report from a few days ago about the mainstream media's (specifically Time magazine's) ignoring the prosecutor purge scandal.

What explains the failure of the mainstream media to cover the purge scandal for so long, and so many other scandals? Do you think somebody just set up newspaper editors to cheat on their wives, and threatened to tell if the editors wouldn’t play ball when they come back some day and ask for something?

It wouldn’t be that hard to do, when you think about it. People wouldn’t talk about it.
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