Thursday, May 25, 2006

In editing the piece below, and there IS an attempt to edit this blog, I came across a typo of interest in an upcoming piece. Typing "raverand" instead of the customary spelling raises the last issue of so called "political correctness" that the enemies of so called "political correctness" feel entire free to exploit. The "Southern question". I was tempted to leave in the typo but took it out.

Yesterday in one of the finest blogs, Hullaballo, tristero raised the question of language. Apparently some readers have objected to his writing. I admit that defending him is partly a matter of self interest, if someone can object to his writing mine is an even easier target. When beginning this blog I had decided to avoid cussin' because it is so often used to deflect attention from the serious issues at hand. I have used, if I count correctly, three terms indicative of bigotry. I did so because I firmly hold that they are shorthand for attitudes common on the right. While hoping that they do not offend members of the groups so referred to, I hold that they are entirely useful to the purpose of exposing the mental habits of conservatives.

Please let me know what you think.

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