Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006
for my parents

All of the dead, some in uniform, parents, old, children too young.
Holes in families, empty houses. Shadows on people. A name in rock.

A person remembers someone. A town, a life.
Countries give speeches. Speeches about speeches.
Speeches about people. Too far away to know.

And I can't tell you. You had to see them. In their towns. Both sides.


Yours is one of the better blogs on which no one comments.

I appreciate this post, and hope I am correct in attributing it to you. It is original, truthful and engaging.

I don't know too much about poetry outside of the Kethuvim (books of "Wisdom" in the OT), but I know what I like.

Come to think of it...I don't know ALL that MUCH about the Kethuvim, either.

Thank you.
Thank you for you kind comments. I did write the piece.

As to the lack of comments. I like think that at least I don't have to put up with conservative trolls.
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