Saturday, May 20, 2006

This is the end of the first week of this blog. Whatever else could be said, it has the cleanest comment boards around.

I am still learning the most basic parts of the software, the spell check hasn't worked even once. With my computer and my skills that is no reflection on the software. All of the defects and faults are mine alone.

Since my innocence of basic computing has delayed the blog roll, I would like to thank several who have encouraged me and inspired me.

First, the most subtle and original Roger Ailes of Roger Ailes blog, not the other one, was the first blogger to ever react to something I posted. He has my thanks for his encouragement and the model of blogging he provides.

Second, the legendary and mysterious "Horse" of Media Whores Online, who knew me by another name. Also for encouraging me before going undercover. I believe that as long as we who had our view of the media sharpened by "the Horse" are alive, MWO lives on.

Echidne of the Snakes, Phoenix Woman, of Mercury Rising, digby of Hullabaloo and others I thank for their acknowledgement, their encouragement, their wonderful writing and constant variety.

Special thanks must go to Atrios of Eschaton, my blog du jour for the past several years, if mostly for his putting up with an at times trying presence on his enormously long and wonderfully numerous threads.

The comment boards of blogs have taught me a lot about writing and thinking on my feet. It is a hard school, maybe a fool will learn in no other. One of the things which has helped is the swift and sure hammer of the person who can prove that what you have just said is wrong or who is not hesitant to tell you what you are full of. Though not immediately edifying sometimes this spurs the commenter to sharpen their argument, sometimes to sheepishly admit that they are wrong. If the traditional media would listen to its serious critics instead of ignoring them to take in the flattery of people they are supposed to be covering, their employers and each other "the Horse" wouldn't be so sadly needed today.

That the blogosphere and its supporting infrastructure is under attack by the corporate media and their corporate masters is evidence that we've got them worried. I don't know if they will succeed. We are vulnerable due to the weakness of our infrastructure caused by the exigencies of the corporations that own it. Answerable to their investors and their own ambitions, they way cave to the oligarchic pressure to make the new media impossible or, as they do with all of their critics, insignificant. But this is the future of the news. If it is destroyed the news that is left will be an empty fraud.

I am still learning the most basic parts of the sofware, the spell check hasn't worked even once.

I never have been able to get spell-check working either.

I figured it's because I am using Firefox on LINUX for posting.
Maybe another browser could get it to work. I'll try one sometime and post the results here.
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