Friday, June 02, 2006


Diane Rehm's weekly Friday slumming with the DC press corps.

Byronic York (typo intended) dismisses an e-mail from a critic of the war and all of the deaths of civilians with the newest form of conservative brush off. The critic can be ignored because "his (the critic's) opinion wasn't changed by Haditha,". Apparently being right from the beginning really is a black mark against you in the beltway establishment. How about yours Byron? When did it change while witnessing the bloodbath in Iraq?

Margaret Carlson: George Bush didn' t lie about learning about the massacre from the press despite his own press sec. reporting that he had been briefed about it months before. "Both might be true,". Short of early onset senile dementia and him forgetting the briefing (which would explain a lot) , how? For those who don't know, Carlson is officially a member of the "liberal" press.

Note: Post in fury, edit in public. Sorry if you read that sentence before the double negative was taken out. In this case it didn't intensify, it contradicted.

Apparently being right from the beginning really is a black mark against you in the beltway establishment.

Indeed it is. We saw this with the dismissal of Dems. who "refused to accept that after 9/11 everything is different" because they understood the threat of terrorism before 9/11. We see this with the continued dismissal of those who opposed the Iraq war to begin with (somehow "serious" people all supported the silly war) -- in a just world, such people would be able to coast on "I told you so" in our political discourse rather than being dismissed as unserious.

And there is something verrrrry disturbing about that -- how will the best win out in the marketplace of ideas if those who have bad ideas are rewarded and those who have good ideas are punished.

I don't get why being right is the new being wrong, but it really does concern me -- I wish we could understand the problem more fully and do something about it.
Maybe the key is that whatever you get right these days is about what went wrong for them.

Byron York isn't good for much but if he feels comfortable with using a line you know it's current among the entire conservative establishment.

I wonder if I'm the first to call him Byronic.
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