Saturday, June 03, 2006


Twenty-one years ago next Tuesday my first friend to develop AIDS died. During the Reagan years. I will have more to say about that then.

Today's paper has an article about Laura Bush speaking before a UN meeting on AIDS. She is quoted as saying:

"More people need to know how AIDS is transmitted, and every country has an obligation to educate its citizens."

The Bush family has a pattern of using its women this way. Covering for some of their worst policies. Laura Bush's husband, her father-in-law and her party are the biggest purveyors of false information about AIDS prevention in the world. Spreading false information about AIDS and the only known effective means of preventing large numbers of new infections, condoms, is a large part of his domestic policy. And it's a part of his foreign policy. "How" is important but it is useless unless how to avoid contracting it is part of the same sentence. Unless "every country" completes the message and encourages people to use condoms as well as avoiding risky behavior they might as well be as silent as Ronald Reagan was on the subject.

Laura is the face they'll put out in front of the cameras, just as her mother-in-law was. They are the skirts that the Bush men hide behind.

That band is still playing on.

Always, beware the Bush women.
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