Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is Joe Lieberman That Deluded

Does Joe Lieberman really believe that he has a chance to win a three-way race for the Senate?

Does he think that enough Democrats will peel off to support someone who doesn't think enough of their opinion to respect their choice of another nominee?

Does he think that his devotion to George W. Bush has made him the logical choice of Republicans, even over a Republican who has won their nomination?

Does he think that his perfidy will impress enough independents to come out and vote for him?

He might, but a simpler explanation is that he is a bitter man. He has been bitter for not being handed the nomination for president in 2004, he is angry with Al Gore for not supporting his nomination. He is so bitter that he has been doing just about everything he can to punish Democrats and injure their chances at regaining power. What else can it mean when a Joe Lieberman constantly praises the most incompetent and corrupt president in our history.

The most logical explanation of him is that he is a classic spoiler, if he isn't given the Democratic nomination, which he seems to believe is his by divine right, he is going to try to keep Ned Lamont from winning the election even if it means letting the Republicans control the Senate. It is all about Joe.

Lieberman is the Nader of this election, any deeper explaination only gets you farther from the truth.

Does Joe Lieberman really believe that he has a chance to win a three-way race for the Senate?

Actually, I think he does. Certainly a far better chance than he does in the primary. The Republican candidate is very weak, and Joe has a 66% approval rating among CT Republicans (5% higher than Dubya, I might add), so he could peel off enough Republican and Democratic votes to win.
(Lieberman is certainly the Nadir of this election, at any rate...)
You might be right, eli but I can't see Republicans voting for an independent and risk that he would throw control of the Senate out of their hands. Not unless they understood that Lieberman was going to declare as a Republican, in word or deed and vote to keep them in control.

A promise to not jump parties was one of the things that I said Democrats had every right to extract from people before they gave them their nomination.

It's sort of sad to see Lieberman earn the contempt of Democrats but that he has done. Saddest because his positions are getting people killed and injured.
And let's hope he's the nadir. I hope he's the basement floor.
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