Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Note to NPR

Dear NPR,
When when you want to say something about the DLC and how it interacts with the majority of the Democratic Party Mara Liasson isn't putting your best foot forward.

Having heard her year after year spitting poison on Democrats, yes, even the too conservative members of the DLC who actually had the nerve to achieve political office, nothing she says about the party is believable. Anyone with a brain would know that what Mara Liasson says about Democrats is almost certainly Republican propaganda.

A Note to NPR Supporters Who are Democrats

Dump NPR. The money I used to give them is going to Buzzflash now.

I have a friend who is deeply conservative and finds that the media often displays a liberal bias. Interestingly, we can look at the same examples of media bias and he can adduce a liberal bias where I see a conservative one.

More specifically, regarding NPR, we may disagree as to the bias this evinces, but we both agree that NPR has this habit of reporting, ostensibly critically, Republican talking points and not Democratic ones. So Republicans are angry that NPR is always criticizing their talking points and not Democratic ones while Democrats note that NPR manages to provide publicity (and any publicity is good publicity as they say) for Republican talking points and not Democratic ones (when they do have a Dem. on it's invariably one, like Joe Biden, who's wankerific enough to spew forth GOP talking points -- which angers Republicans as well because NPR doesn't show what, in their opinion, is the "real face" of the Democratic party).

As someone at Altercation once said -- the media needs to realize that just because both Republicans and Democrats are mad at them doesn't mean that they are doing things right.
I never know what to make of NPR. I donate money to the WI affiliate but not to the national organization.

I agree with DAS, too. It's amazing how one can get two very different opinions of bias from the same news report.

Now if it's Barbara Bradley-Haggerty, cue the wingnuts...
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