Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some Non-Profits Need Shaking Up Too

Are the leaders of some of our most prominent groups too comfortable inside the Washington establishment? If they are then they need to have it shown to them that revolution can happen in non-profit groups. Maybe it's time to change more than Lieberman.

NARAL's endorsement of Joe Lieberman, the man who helped put Alito on the court is bound to hurt the organization. And it should. There should be a price paid by a liberal group that gets too involved with the DC establishment and ends up betraying their own cause. By doing that they risk defrauding their donors and supporters.

That the support NARAL is giving Lieberman only indirectly supports Supreme Court appointments like Alito's is no excuse. The line from Lieberman and others who regularly cave in on the most appalling judicial appointments is as bright as can be. Since judges are appointed for life and have the power to prevent laws going into effect their appointments are more dangerous than laws passed by congress. Two words, David Sentelle. The congress might lose power in the next election and their bad decisions overturned. Liberals have a bad habit of just throwing up their hands at a stinking bad Supreme Court ruling and saying "Well, those are the rules. We've got to just accept them,".

If NARAL is in the hands of people too short-sighted to see that then it needs new leadership. Maybe people who support NARAL need to run a slate of non-insider candidates and get some new blood in. Members of other groups should give their leadership an effectiveness and reality check too.

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