Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Conspiracy Theory, A Brief Look At An Effective Media Dodge

Through poputonian at digby's blog we get this piece about a book presenting some ideas about the Bush regime's possible role in the Sept. 11th attacks. Not having read the book in question (someone in the comment thread who has recommends it) I'll only point out that the resulting gains for the then failing Bush II regime are undeniable. They certainly crowed about that enough themselves to put it beyond challenge.

It's probably not going to catch on any better this time but I'm going to point out again that in any investigation of a real conspiracy the investigator has to come up with one or more theories to check out.

The phrase "conspiracy theory" seems to have come into widespread use surrounding the various ideas about the assassinations in the 60s. Its use became particularly widespread after Oliver Stones movie about the Kennedy assassination was released. A lot of theories are dead ends but that doesn't mean they all are or that they should be dismissed without a hearing by this phrase. In our media saying "conspiracy theory" is considered to be the end of the discussion. It is more often than not a term used to prevent investigation, not to define the quality of evidence produced.

And don't think they didn't plan it that way.

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