Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Few Words of Explanation and a Request for Input

I try to read all the comments and to answer them but, as you probably know sometimes the comment thread meter indicates 0 comments when comments have been made. If I miss reading or answering a comment it is probably due to that. Sometimes the meter reverts to 0 after showing a number. I haven't got a clue as to why.

One of the comments suggest that I try a different blog format that includes HaloScan. Do you have any preferences?

Haloscan pisses me off.
1) It you want to have comments longer than like 1000 characters or something you have to pay.And since I'm practically incapable of saying things in under 2000 characters, I'm hosed.
2)It will dump all your previous comments in the treads when you install it (which Glenn Greenwald found out the hard way) So if you do switch be advised to at least back out your comments sections.

But the Haloscan issue is even out there is because Blogger isn't working right. But of course it too is free so what cha going to do.
Thank you spocko. It seems you constitute a majority of one on this issue.

I chose this format in the beginning figuring trolls wouldn't be able to navigate its complexity. And if any of them should be tempted, I'll go to the random letters and foil them.
Not just a majority of one -- I second what Spoko says. And the comment-meter problem affects Haloscan too ...
Heh. Inaccurate comment counts are actually a Haloscan trademark...
Looks like a landslide to keep the present system.

It's actually a great relief to me. I know I'd blow the transfer. Those HTML lessons haven't taken yet.
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