Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Greens, A Third Republican Party

Greens regularly snark that Democrats are an inadequate opposition, “Republican lite”. And not entirely without justification, the Zell Miller-Joe Lieberman- DLC axis has been their best evidence and recruitment tool. But while casting a gelid eye on Democrats, Greens seem to have missed the mote in their own.

Since its foolish cohabitation with Ralph Nader in 2000 and its role as potential spoiler this year, the Green Party has gone from being an alternative to the Republican Party to being its tool. Carl Romanelli, Green candidate for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania, has gathered signatures to be put on the ballot having raised $100,000 to collect the necessary signatures. He openly admits that most of that money comes from Republicans who, one doubts, admire his forthrightly Green politics.

Even a complete idiot knows that the Republicans who have gotten Romanelli's name on the ballot hope he will draw votes from Casey and allow the putridly fascistic, Rick Santorum to eke out an unlikely victory. Romanelli says, "I have friends in all political parties. It's just that my Republican friends are more confident about standing with me than my Democratic friends. And as a group, my Republican friends are a little better off,”. This is so dishonest and cynical that even Rick Santorum’s statement outdoes it for honesty, "This is politics, it's no surprise when you're an incumbent, it helps to have more people on the ballot." As you see, even a complete idiot knows.

While there have been Greens I like personally, as a party, six years into Republican-fascist rule, I’m fed up with them. Greens, most financially comfortable, are way too convinced of their purity to be allowed to let them get away with this. The Green Party has gone past being Republican lite, they are a tool of the Republican Party. Now that they are openly and unashamedly running Republican spoilers, six years after the Nader disaster, they have no credibility. For those of us who function as adults, this is a great example of what happens when idealism divorced from reality gets full of itself and sacrifices the real and endangered world to day dreams and self-satisfaction.

Hey, Greens. How did your Senator, Ricky, vote on offshore drilling?

I'm fucking tired of you slamming the greens. Democrats are republican lite, the greens are the future.
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