Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Latest Evidence that America Has No Free Press

Read this and face that stiff wind of harsh reality:


Okay, on the anniversary of Bush's Katrina debacle, "Heck of a Job" Brownie tells all and reveals that Bush and the White House told him to lie and take the heat for the Katrina executive branch fiasco.

Although we never ceased to be amazed at how the mainstream media generally follows a White House script, we sometimes do become just a BIT jaded and cynical.

But if you have the former fired head of the Arabian Horse Association turned political hack appointee to run FEMA accusing the President of the United States of asking him (through WH staffers) to lie for "El Caudillo," that would appear to us to be pretty big news.

We're wrong again.

In fact, we could only find three non-mainstream sites with any reference to the accusation on Google, including one that we posted from a newsite from India!

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