Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Republicans, The Party Beyond the Law

Just now on NPR's Morning Edition

Senator Mel Martinez (R Florida), "I don't think we should feel constrained by Helms-Burton which is now a decade old law".

Would someone please explain to Senator Martinez that a law without a time lapse provision remains a LAW until it is superseded by another law or invalidated by a court ruling. This, unfortunately, remains true even for laws sponsored by REPUBLICAN fascists like Helms and Burton. Not even his eagerness to carve up Cuba as soon as Castro's body cools changes that fact.

I saw a creepy article in Forbes yesterday, about the Bush Administration readying "aid" to Cuba, to be delivered just as soon as Castro shuffles off his mortal coil. I thought, yeah, "aid" like bringing back the moneyed plantation owners and turning Cuba into Argentina at the worst of the crisis.

These people like states with non-functioning governments, where authority is determined by who has the most guns; it makes profiteering and stealing so much easier.

Not that I particularly like Castro -- one tinpot dictator is much like another, but I will say he has worked wonders in bringing Cuba out of the Gilded Age. Cuba has a 99% literacy rate, good medical technology (and sends doctors all over the world on humanitarian missions), and low infant mortality, relatively speaking.
Vultures waiting to pick the bones of Cuba.

While I wish he had run a democratic state, if I'd had to be poor in any Latin American country over the past fifty years it would have been Cuba.
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