Monday, August 07, 2006

Yet Again, Time To Point out that The "Dems" is Us

This post on Crooks and Liars points out that the media has, with one very small exception, entirely ignored the report issued by Congressman John Conyers and others detailing the criminal activities of the Bush regime. Other than the use of the annoying term "Dems" I don't really have a problem with the post, far from it. But I do have a problem with many of the comments on the post.

I fairly am certain that most of the people who are are constantly complaining about how "the Dems" are failing to get out the message or running an effective opposition are the ones who we are NOT hearing on call-in shows and who we are NOT reading in letters to the editor.

Just who are these "Dems" that we are always hearing about? Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) is, as the post says, the one who led the investigation and issued the report. He is the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee and a Congressman with responsibilities to the people of his district. He is not a media outlet and neither are his Democratic colleagues or their staffs.

The media ignores Democratic Congressmen and Senators who haven't done something that they can make Republican hay out of. They've been doing it for for years and the complaints about "the Dems" not doing more to be heard have too.

While I am not going to waste my energy defending Democratic Congressmen and, more usually, Senators who say and do stupid things that bring the party down I am going to point out that rank and file Democrats could be a bit more aggressive in giving a helping hand to the ones, like Conyers, who are doing things. We are always hearing about the Senate while forgetting that there are some excellent members of the House who are actually doing their best to put up a resistance.

So don't bother whining about "the Dems". If you aren't an active member of the party then why should "Dems" listen to you? If you aren't lowering yourselves to be heard on those vulgar but oh, so influential call-in shows and writing letters to the editor why should anyone listen to your complaints about "the Dems"? You're participating in these blogs so you're on the right track it's just that the effort has to be taken farther.

And let me give you a really helpful hint, you run an opposition by constantly hitting those you're opposing, not the ones who require your help to be more effective opponents.

And insist that you be called "Democrats" and your party the "Democratic Party". Democrats and leftists have to demand respect or do without it in our political system.

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