Sunday, September 03, 2006

At Least The HTML Textbook Is An Effective Sleep Aid

Personal circumstances have forced me to cut back on writing and, worse, reading blogs for at least a while. I will miss reading other blogs and comments a lot more than the daily writing. Since finding on my third day doing this that a man who acts as his own editor has a blogger as a client, I’ve discovered both get aggravated at those missed deadlines.

I will be guest posting at Echidne’s blog on weekends for a while. Regular posts will be made here Wednesdays in addition to the weekend postings for both Echidne of the Snakes and this blog. Posting on other days will be done when that is possible.

I have a few ideas for experiments to try and hope you find it worth checking to see what is here in the coming months.

Bill doesn't seem to be waiting for his turn as 'First Gentleman" -- at least, not if you believe the Canadian gossip rags. They're all aflutter about his alleged romance with Belinda Stronach, a glamorous blonde in her early 40s (actually, she's a very Hillary type) who is first in line to be Canada's next Liberal prime minister.

The wags are speculating Bill's life in 2009, ferrying between his president wife in DC and his prime minister mistress in Ottawa. Consider that all poor Shrub could get away with was groping Andrea Merkel...the Big Dog beats him on this front, as on all others.

Could be sweet -- assuming, of course, any of this is true. Not saying it is or isn't, of course. Just that it's fun to think about.
Sara Robinson, If Hillary Clinton runs this will be parroted all through our alleged media. The best that can be said is that many Americans have about as much knowledge of Canada as they do Turkmenistan except they know they play hockey and drink beer. I'm not sure that even the punditocracy realizes that Canada has a government.
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