Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Danny Schechter Is My Hero

I'd say one of my heros but it doesn't scan as well. One of the few great media critics. I used to wonder if he might be "The Horse".

Read him here about the ABRNC filthy, mouse nest of a crockudrama.

And also read here for a Swiftboat connection.

Scholastic President Richard Robinson presents it all as a clash of equally valid viewpoints as if there are no objective facts, only interpretations in a letter posted on the educational publisher's website:

Funny: Daniel Schorr (cough, cough ... blogwhore ... cough, cough) didn't even go that far toward fairness -- he said that we were challenging the "facts" of the crockumentary, as if ABC's version was factual and the other viewpoints were not even valid. And I bet some people feel Schorr is a liberal and thus think of the shtuss, "even the liberal Daniel Schorr thinks the documentary is factual ..." ... the wingnuts do have all the basis covered, don't they?

"Our mission is well-captured in our credo and editorial platform which includes the statement: 'Good citizens may honestly differ on important public questions. We believe that all sides of the issues of our times should be fairly discussed

(Cf. your post on "free speech" with this response ... ) Gag me with a spoon, this is so dangerously silly. Just because there are differences on this matter and "good citizens may honestly differ" doesn't mean the differences here are honest differences in opinion between good citizens. And as to "all sides of the issues of our times" being discussed -- that's patently ridiculous! Do we give flat-earthers equal time? Oh wait a minute, there is a movement to give creationists equal time and Tom Friedman is a flat-earther, ain't he? and he gets lots of time (although tellingly the same people who demand "equal time" for all whacko points of view are those who killed meaningful and thoughtful "equal time" requirements).

And the right accuses us of moral relativism? Oh yes, I forget, the righties probably claim Scholastic is a "liberal" outfit ... as I said, they really do know how to cover all bases and work the refs, don't they?
Funny: Daniel Schorr (cough, cough ... blogwhore ... cough,

Ha,ha. Alberich. I visited your site before I read this so it was for naught.

Daniel Schorr, someone should really edge him to the side of the stage.
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