Monday, September 25, 2006

(!*! dope slap ) Now Why Didn’t I Think of That in the Beginning

The blog war continues but now it doesn’t have to junk up this blog. In a flare up of hostilities over the weekend I felt compelled to mount defenses here, much against my will. How to defend myself without boring the serious people this blog is written for? The answer is so obvious that serious damage almost resulted from hitting myself in the head. A dedicated blog where I can move all of the war junk clogging up things here.

So, here it is. You can ignore the blog war as easliy as not looking at it.

Anything I have to say in my defense will be put there so you don’t have to read it here. All of that past junk will be moved there where it can be seen by the tiny handful who care. I’ll post some really incendiary stuff there too, so the flamers will have somewhere else to vent. Any and all flamers who come here will be deleted and banned. I will not have the Jr. High Venternet interfer with the effort to overthrow Republican fascism.

Good does this mean you're going to go back to real writing? I was getting tired of the blog war.
I will be posting on important topics tonight.
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