Sunday, September 03, 2006

Every Little Detail

Visiting my brother who has a lot stronger stomach for right wing blog reading than I do, this afternoon, he said, "You've got to see this,". This was a long,long, very long and very bizarre contemplation of the possibility of the first First-Gentleman, Bill Clinton using his position as the Presidential Spouse to get lucky. If the level of sexual activity described in this psychotic ramble as a given which we should assume would occour was even physiologically possible you would wonder why Bill Clinton complained so much about turning 60.

I wish I had written down which right wing nutcase it was so I could report more fully. I recognized the name but don't remember. Though no link would be given, it's my policy not to send business of any kind their way.

Thinking about it later I wondered. Has Hillary Clinton spent as much time thinking about her husband's endowments as any right wing Republican has? Has Bill Clinton himself spent as much time thinking about it? The answer has to be no. They'd never have had any time for a career of any kind, there being only so many hours in a life. How many careers have been made over this obsession, one of the most bizarre phenomena in the history of our politics? How many Republicans of no other talent owe their job to, well, that job? Doesn't Scaife have anything better to do with his money and time?

UPDATE: Today I asked my brother who the blogger was but he couldn't remember. I tried googling a couple of hints but do you know what happens if you google "right wing blog Clinton sex degenerate"? You don't have to try it, your first thought is the right one.

So many rightwingers...

And Hell is so small!

Gonna' need a sledgehammer to pack 'em all in.
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