Monday, September 11, 2006

I Am Told That This Is A Blog War

Now, what am I supposed to wear? As the attacks continue, the distortions, the blah, blah, blah. I intend to try to keep things at an adult level here. Actually, I've got a feeling that people who read my blog probably don't read their blogs and given their reading level the opposite is guaranteed. I don't think it's going to be too much of a problem unless one of my pieces is attacked again. That will provoke an answer. As for the slurs, it's kind of interesting to have a certain shady, dangerous persona constructed for you, out of your area of perception. All the benefits of being demi-monde with none of the discomforts. I wonder what evil lurks in the heart of olvlzl entirely unbeknownst to him and his friends. And what the hell difference does it make? What are they going to do, drive my advertisers away?

As you see, I'm having a real problem trying to stay calm. Really.

The idea of you, of all people, as a concern troll would be hilarious if it weren't so frustrating.

I think your interpretation of what went wrong (Amanda saw keywords and just drew assumptions from them) was spot-on.
Thank you, eli. I'm interested in how Amanda Marcotte and her friends at Pandagon and Feministe (which is really hard for me to comprehend, always having pictured feminism as a movement for adults) all think I'm a baby for objecting to being lied about.

I told Marcotte that I'd no longer feel bound to withold publishing the e-mail exchange we had but she if she or her friends mentioned it but she immediately went to her friend's blog and sniped at me about it so I'm still trying to decide to lower myself and publish it.

It's pretty frustrating to realize that there is a large segment of the blogs that function on the maturity level of a jr. high. But since they're all numerically adults I don't feel that their immaturity should win them any slack.
I've generally found Feministe/Pandagon to be entertaining and informative, but I have noticed that they do have an annoying tendancy toward what people who actually study 17th century Protestantism would call "Puritanism" (which is not the same as what the rest of us would call Puritanism) as well as mistaking, er, niebelungs for trolls, because we dare believe that maybe certain social constructions which further disadvantage the underprivaleged, rather than being eliminated, should be expanded to include the underprivaleged.

I've blogged about this myself: but in such a vague and indirect way that even if people did read my blog, they might not have caught the full scale of what I was criticizing.

If this is a war, which I should hope it's not -- who are we, GOoPers? -- I think you can guess on which side I'll be :)
Feministe/Pandagon, the temptation is to say that all I can say is that it is good that feminism has some adult voices on the internet because it would be hopeless if these superannuated (that means old, piny) jr. high heathers were everything the situation would be hopeless. But I've got a lot more to say about them.

I don't know what benefit lying and misrepresentation can be for deomocracy. It works just fine for the corporate right but lies are not going to set us free.
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