Thursday, September 14, 2006

"moderate" Republicans are the Biggest Danger To Democracy, Expose Them For What They Are Not What They Say They Are

From this story about the charges Democrats from effected states are bringing against Christie Todd Whitman over endangering relief workers at ground zero, I noticed this:

Former Sept. 11 Commission chairman Thomas Kean, also a former Republican governor of New Jersey, said it was troubling that the Democratic congressmen "would misuse the heroic service of thousands for their political gain in an election season."

Ah, yes, that nice Mr. Kean, so measured, so reasonable. Now who could ever think that that nice man, former Republican governor of New Jersey, co-chair of the 9-11 commission with the ineffective what's his Hamiliton, could use his position to aid his party.
Oh, I left out his role in the ABRNC crockudrama. Wouldn't want to leave that off of the resume of such a moderate voice in the Republican Party now, would we?

"moderate" Republicans are the most dangerous type. They should be exposed for the party hacks they are. Anyone with the mildest inkling of the truth in 2006 who is a Republican has to answer for the Bush II Junta in every way. It's hardly surprising that Kean would be carrying water for Whitman, after all, she's a "moderate" too.

There may have been a time when it meant something different, but these days "Moderate Republican" = "Fig Leaf".

"Moderate Democrat", too.
I agree with Eli as to the meaning of the phrase.

So how come our "moderate Democrats" position themselves as exactly the sort of people "willing to make peace even when the other side is not" that they would criticize, e.g., if we tried to make "peace" with "Islamo-fascists" or even if Israel tried to negotiate in better faith with Hamas? Beyond the inconsistency of their position vis-a-vis the Republicans in contrast to their foreign policy positions, why do they play "the great saviors of bipartisanship" and de facto become fig-leafs for the Republicans rather than being fig-leafs for us in the Dem. base? You don't see "moderate Republicans" being anything other than fig-leafs for their side.

Is it ego? Is it the money, fame and power? Or is it something worse?
We have to save democracy.
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