Saturday, September 30, 2006

Only Cool Reason Is Going To Save The Republic from the Republicans

Any action that the left takes in October and November of 2006 has to have as its goal the result that George W. Bush has less power in February 2007 than he does today. That means that the Republican Party has to hold fewer seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Anyone who can look at the actions of the Senate and the House and not see that is not only deluded, they are as great a danger to democracy as the Republican fundamentalists who in a supreme act of irony just took the greatest leap in the history of the United States towards the destruction of the Republic.

We are so used to thinking of Julius Cesar as being a Shakespear Play that we don’t remember that it was a real, historical event from which came the great but less than historically rigorous piece of theater. It was the watershed moment from the Roman Republic to the Empire, the moment that went from rule by the Roman Senate to rule by the Emperor. What we are living through is not theater, it isn’t some everyday adjustment of goverment to be shrugged off as a routine act as the utterly corrupt media has done. What the Senate did, especially in its attack on habeas corpus and judicial review placed imperial power in the hands of George W. Bush. The parallels to the death of the Roman Republic has been made in a number of places, it isn’t a personal conceit, it is an obvious fact.

The left has exactly one tool available, it is not as good a tool as could be hoped for but it is the only tool we have. The Democratic Party has to be supported and voted for. I will anger some people by saying that but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that we do nothing that will hamper the destruction of George W. Bush’s imperial power grab. I will go further and say that anyone with a D after their name must be supported, even those who in an act of despicable cowardice voted for the bill. Why? Because if there is a Democratic majority in either or both bodies the absolutely corrupt leadership put in place by the Republicans in both houses will be removed from those positions. They are the ones who have given George W. Bush everything he wanted. Frist, Hastert, Bohener, Specter,... Anyone who is a Republican who wins an election will support them for the leadership, their winning a close election will give them more power than ever.

The Republicans under George W. Bush are looting the treasury of the United States and stealing everything it is borrowing in addition on the Peoples’ account, they are pillaging the democratic infrastructure of the country as well. If they and the judicial hacks they are appointing aren’t stopped now it will be increasingly impossible to do so. Bush vs. Gore was a decisive moment in which five Supreme Court Republicans appointed a Republican prince who lost the election as President. We were set on this ruinous course when the polite Washington DC establishment enthusiastically accepted that act of supreme piracy. And as the details are revealed by scholars we are finding out that it actually started when John Ellis at FOX, on the phone with Jeb Bush called the election for his cousin setting into motion the clamor of the elites for their Cesar.

We are on the steps to the Senate. But this isn’t Shakespear’s story. Unlike the conspirators in the play we have the tools to destroy the Republican assassins bent on destroying the republic and the democracy that depends on it. It isn’t a sword we need it is a decisive vote against the conspirators inside the building. They need to be removed. The corrupt Senators and Congress who have voted to give their Party absolute power in the form of George W. Bush are as stupid as they are traitors to their oath of office. They will continue to hand him power. They are obviously hoping for their own enrichment, they don’t care about the good of the country, certainly not of the world. They have to be stopped. Real life isn’t a play, it is as real as can possibly be. This is a time for cool and effective action, not theatrical catharsis.

Those calling for punishment of the Democratic Party are angry and their anger is justified by the failures of some, but certainly not the majority, of Democrats. But they aren’t thinking straight this week. As much as I sympathize with their position, here in the fall of 2006 they are as much a danger to democracy as Frist and Hastert. Their advice has to be rejected if we are going to save the American Republic. We have to use cool reason, not righteous and justifiable anger, to save ourselves.

This editorial from Buzzflash does as good a job as any to quickly lay out what the Senate did on Thursday.

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