Friday, September 29, 2006

Sen. Olympia Snowe R-Maine, was absent.

Yes, I am disgusted with the Democrats who voted for the bill in the end, yes I am disgusted that the Senate Democrats didn't mount a filibuster, even as I know it wouldn't have worked. But the fact is that unless the Democrats win this election the Republican-fascists have won and will be impossible to defeat. In 2006, after six years of Bush II misrule anyone who can remain in the Republican Party is an enemy of democracy and everything good about the United States. The defeat of Specters pathetic show of "saving" habeas corpus is just one of a long list of reasons to give up any illusions that the Republican Party isn't in fact a fascist party. That it's taking them some time to destroy the Bill of Rights and the Civil Rights amendments and even the rule of law is no reason to keep denying the obvious.

Friends, this is what the end of a Republic looks like, destroying freedom in a trade for "safety". Jefferson knew his history, he could see this coming, Franklin too. We have exactly one hope, to defeat the Republicans at the polls in November. It is in fact the last chance to save Democracy.

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