Friday, September 01, 2006

This Is It This Is What We Have Elections For

It is September 1. We have just over two months to defeat the Republican-fascists at the polls.

If we do we may be able to rescue democracy, if we don't we should plan for the worst. And by the worst, I mean just that.

Nothing that deflects the left from defeating the Republicans at the polls in November should be indulged until after the polls are closed on election day and the races finally decided. By that I mean that except in Vermont where Bernie Sanders has the best chance to defeat the Republican we have to get out the vote for Democrats. The Democratic Party is the only way the left has to defeat the worst government in our history and to dismantle the media lie machine that has installed it.

Anyone who isn't focused on electing Democrats should be pushed aside as too unrealistic to bother with for the next two months.

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