Friday, September 22, 2006

Winning Leftist Politics the easy way

Do you want “them” with you or against you? “Them” are people you can get on your side.

Some people won’t ever be on your side and [them] you don’t have to worry about.

How do you get “them” with you? Find out and you win.

You don’t have to be best friends, just don’t make “them” your enemy.
You think mocking “them” is fun? You like to lose? You lose, [them] win.

You need allies to win, a coalition, listening, give and take.
It’s not always fun. But winning is always fun.

Making fun of [them]? Ask Miss Manners.

You don’t care if you win? If you aren’t trying to win you’re wasting your time reading this.

I've for some time thought that reactionaries win elections by applying the same strategies liberals propose to apply in our foreign policy, and that alone is evidence that our ideas would be good for national security (OTOH, if reactionaries were serious about national security, they'd apply their winning strategies abroad, with appropriate cultural adjustments, rather than clowning around, i.e. "being serious about national defense" in MSM-speak).

So ... if we liberals think our ideas are so good for national security -- to hold enemies abroad in check -- why don't we apply those elements of strategy, which also have worked so well for the GOP domestically, to elections: i.e. listen to your enemy, know what he really wants and either undercut those goals through selective appropriation of them or attack accordingly? Of course, the Puritanical lefties won't like it as it would imply we need to listen to "them" if not always (albeit at least sometimes) to [them] rather than merely mocking "them".

Ironically, a large part of the problem in our electoral stategy comes (not because of the fringe elements with which you are justifiably upset) because, unlike the rabid Republicans who often view us as their enemy (I added the adjective, because I know some very conservative Republicans who criticize their own party on this account), those in positions of national electoral strategy determination for us actually don't view [them] as enemies at all -- so they don't apply the methods even "serious liberals" know are the best methods to defeat enemies to politics, as they do not view their opponants as enemies to be treated that way. So ironically, given our liberal positions about winning friends and defeating enemies, a lot of even your concerns would be addressed if we treated our opponants as enemies rather than as in some nether world.
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