Friday, October 20, 2006

Anybody Have a Lot of Spare "Crows" To Be Eaten?

by Tom Wieliczka

How on earth can the Media corpSE actually be reporting or saying that the Iraq War has become, err, ahh, "A CIVIL WAR"???
How can that be?

Some good examples of media lies told by a cross section going from old Bob Edwards to cable dross. Worth reminding ourselves of just how bad our media is.

Civil War?

Factually, it's Persian Shia 15%
Sunni Arab 85% (Saudi,Egypt,Jordan,
Turkey, etc

It's competitive, Left vs Right.

They bomb each others Mosques!

The Shia (Shiite) fund and control
Hezbollah (Party of God) in Lebanon
and Sadr Militia in Iraq.

It's the Persian Ayatollahs that want Nuclear Capability. They've been working underground for 15 years. With the bomb, they control
600 million Muslims in that area.

If any care, read a 2-page History
Post, and you'll know more about the complexities than politicians
are willing to talk about. reb

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