Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting Out the Democratic Vote Is All Important For the Next Two Weeks

The smartest politician I’ve ever met recently said that in our home state, Maine, when the election figures from around the state are analyzed the control of the legislature rests on a margin of fewer than 400 votes. That’s all that keeps us from control by right-wing Republicans.

The election next month might be the most important in our life times, deciding if George W. Bush is going to keep his rubber stamp Republicans in control or if he’s going to have to deal with something he never has had, a real opposition. With the record he’s chalked up using his rubber stamp Congress nothing less than democracy is at stake. If he has two more years it will be a lot harder to get the government out of Republican hands, the corrupt judiciary they are appointing will see to that.

Assuming that most of the readers of this blog, minus the Republican trolls, will be voting for freedom instead of serfdom to Bush Co. I am cutting back on my blogging activities until the day after the election. Instead I will be working with my local Democratic Party to try to increase our chances of saving democracy. I will still be posting at Echidne’s blog and here next weekend and will have short pieces in between.

Please, do whatever is needed to defeat Republicans in November. Ask your local Democratic Party how you can volunteer. The goal, the only thing that really matters in the end, is getting out our Voters and making certain that their votes are counted.

Worry Not. The 5-year 'hate bush' campaign has given Democrats a gift
although it was a bit exspensive!

My favorite was "Cowboy" & Liar.
Incompetent; the least effective was "Nazi". Almost nobody bought it. "Dubya" was the cutiest. Who makes up these things Anyway?

We hard-core Demos must stick it out together, am I right?

Anyhow, we are a cinch to take the
House, and probably the Senate too.
Just ONE problem, IRAN. When we have total control, this nutcase Whathizname wants NUKES to spread
around middle east, and Now It's Our Responsibility! I know we have a plan, but what's the plan?

Shouldn't we start thinking of it?
I hope somebody is. Worrying about the whole damn world, not me! But
some Fools Really Want It! No-way,
baby. I like football & the Braves!
How about that Chipper? He's the greatest of them all. No kiddin.

Oh, did you hear John Kerry, he said a really dumb thing!!!

Comment? Oh, read 2 page 'History',
it's so groovy.
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