Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is Kim Jong-il Having The Bomb A Big Enough Fiasco For Them?

For all his short comings, at the end of his administration Bill Clinton had done something to delay the day when North Korea had the bomb. George W. Bush, in what passed as eloquence among the smart crowd of oligarches, put it on his target list as a member of the “Axis of Evil” and jump started what had been under seal before. Wonder if Mrs. Frum is still bragging on her husband’s writing abilities today.

With this one we can safely conclude that there isn’t a catastrophe big enough for the corrupt oligarches to dump Bush, or rather Cheney who is the real power. September 11th, Iraq, North Korea, the recent Israeli-Lebanese war, the impending depression here,... Any two of those would have been enough to sink a Democratic president but the corporate state and its propaganda arm, the media, are still supporting the corrupt Republican one-party state. The media here are still spinning on behalf of the Bush junta. Condi’s trying to push her failure onto the backs of the Clinton administration isn’t being met with the fact-based derision it fully deserves.

Don’t think the rest of the world is gulled, though. Hugo Chavez’ speech to the UN might go down in history as the Declaration of Independence for the rest of the world from domination by a super power gone stupid. Here he is to be regarded as a corrupt dictator but it is clear that Chavez was speaking on behalf of most of the planet when he fingered George W. Bush for as Excess of Evil. Anyone who has stood up to Bush and especially any one who successfully defied a coup instigated by Bush will gain leadership status. That speech might be seen as the definitive moment marking when the United States began to ebb as the dominant power in the world.

I would welcome the United States not being the world’s boss. There shouldn’t be one dominant country, it’s not good for the world or for that country. Democracy can’t exist in a country busy with trying to dictate to the world and democracy is the only legitimate form of government. This fact might be lost over the brilliant jurists of the Supreme Court but it’s an absolute truth. Unelected government will always become bad government and our system has been so corrupted that a truly elected government is becoming impossible. We might have one chance.

The only hope for salvaging the situation for the United States is if the elections next month produce a Democratic majority in either or both houses of Congress. If they do and, especially, if they are the forerunner of a Democratic replacement for the Bush regime the United States might escape its future as a pariah state. If the electorate has been successfully propagandized by the media and keeps Republican control in the face of the massive corruption, criminality and monumental incompetence then the world will be forced to deal with us as a rogue state.

It used to be that we had corrupt and unscrupulous elites who, nonetheless, were informed and adult enough to manage the United States to avoid these kinds of disasters. At worst, as in Vietnam, when it was clear that it was about to bring the country down, they could be forced to pull out. Today the elites and their media mouthpieces are so ignorant and cynical that they don’t really care if the entire thing is sacrificed. Maybe they imagine themselves as the liege lords of a new dark age, maybe Conan the Barbarian was the model of their brave new world. Or Pol Pot.

The People are the last hope. If at least a plurality of us can’t get rid of the Republicans in the face of these multiple disasters then it’s beginning to look doubtful that any domestic force will. In that unfortunate circumstance it is likely that, eventually, the rest of the world will eventually be forced to pressure a change in our government. The best we will be able to hope for in that unfortunate circumstance, is that they find non-violent means to do it. We used to have adult oligarches but they’ve gone soft in the head through inbreeding, as elites can be counted on to do. They’ve given the country over to their idiot sons as a play thing.

If the People don’t save the situation, prepare for the worst. When the People have been corrupted it all rots.

Your post obliquely brings up an interesting bit of hypocrisy on Bush & CO's part: they happily make a speech about an "Axis of Evil" and then complain when Chavez dares imply Bush is evil?

Whatever happened to "judge not lest ye be judged"?
The Republicans can *never* have enough fiasco. It's like oxygen for them or something.
Maybe Chavez is guilty of having won elections and survived a coup, though I suspect that it's redistribution of oil money that might be his greatest sin. They just hate wasting money on the plebs. I'm told that FOX lauded "patriotic alaskans" for refusing that dirty-tainted fuel oil offered by Chavez like those unpatriotic states of Maine and Vermont have accepted. But I don't buy cable so can't post until I have confirmation.

Isn't it ironic that Alaska needs to have fuel oil assistence from a foreign country?

Whatever happens, Eli, you can be sure some Republican is going to try to make money out of it.
though I suspect that it's redistribution of oil money that might be his greatest sin. - olvlzl

That was a great sin as far as the richers are concerned, but Chavez' biggest sin was his land tenure reform effort. Land tenure reform is one of the most important steps in economic development, but economic development is not in, er, certain people's interests.

Isn't it ironic that Alaska needs to have fuel oil assistence from a foreign country?

Ironic, yes. Suprising, no. To quote an expert on quasi-irony (as well as to give you a very good indication of my exact age), "it figures" (am I the only one who thought she was saying "it's the earth"?). Have you read, for instance, the famous description of the Southerner buried in the marble quarry but his tombstone was made in VT, buried in a pine forest, but his casket made in NJ, etc.?
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