Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two important items today.
Iraq war despair is not an option

AUSTIN, Texas -- One reason despair is not an option is because things can always get worse, and then what'll we do?

Molly Ivins, the wisest newspaper person writing on politics today, wrote a column vital to thinking about how we go on from where these crooks have gotten us. Not full blown answers but a frame to fill out. The column is mostly about the entire cockup in Iraq, it doesn't even match it with the starveling twin, Afghanistan which is also a tale of incompetence leading to a pile of dead and maimed. In both the focus is on the cockup itself, assuming the reader is fully aware of the personal disaster they have been for millions.

I've given you the first sentence, to show it's good to the last here it is,

Further, we're going to have to spend millions and millions to investigate how we frittered away billions and billions.

If the elections go well and Democrats pick up one or both houses there have to be lots of hearings to investigate where the money went and how to get as much back as possible. The Bush regieme has been all about theft, it's essential to establish that as fully as possible. If Democrats in the house and Senate don't hold hearings and fix the blame on the Republicans they'll take the blame when things fall entirely apart and lose the next election.

There will be the usual Republican media attempt to say, oh, that was in the past, it's time to move on. No it isn't. It's always that way when Republicans screw things up and the Democrats regain power. They always want us to be the patsies that too many of us are entirely willing to be. Well, it's up to we The People, the real owners of this goverment to quash any signs of weakeness and force truth telling on the congress.

Not one of these commissions. No, not on a bet, not ever. These commissions are staffed by establishment wankers who are a part of the coverup. Those should never be used for the work of OUR public servants. The congress which has given up oversight under the Republicans has to be forced by us to take that on AND to report their findings to the people.

One more thing, we have to insist on extensive hearings into the politial use of the public airwaves and the cable systems. Those might be even more important than trying to find out where the money went. It was the corruption of information that led us into this imperial war. They'll be the ones with the post election chorus of "never mind".

Democrats have to expose the corporate corruption that is corrupting everything else. It's time to open the windows and let the light shine on every part of the Bush II years. Tell the story, force it to be told in all its infamy, drown out the media liars and the kept pundits. That's the only way to avoid a return of them.

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