Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yes, I Would Rather Be Talking About Iraq Too

A used comment with modifications.

A comment on another blog calls us to task for focusing on the Foley affair, well it's a real news story, one with important implications. The cover up by the Republican leadership is the real story. It's not one I'd like to be focusing on a month before what might be the most important elections in my life time but it's here. If Foley was a Democrat you can be certain that it would eclipse everything, getting blanket coverage.

I'd love it if the press and most especially the cabloids would focus on the Bush wars, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the coming one in Iran, the war against the constitution, the war on the poor and middle class, essentially the war on reality. But the fact is they don't. The media in the United States broke the dam of sensation and sleaze in its attempts to drive our last elected president, Clinton, from office. The disaster of a TV trial of O.J. Simpson didn't help either.

Phony "news" drives out real news, it degrades the public discourse. Profit and so ratings driven "news", propaganda for the corporate super-state, celebrity "news" all for the profit of the "news" corporations are to blame, not those of us who have to deal with the political consequences of this distraction.

When I advocate strict requirements for the electronic media people complain but there isn't any way to have a democracy with people being as ignorant and propagandized as the American Public is today. You work with the tools you are given, even if you don't like them.

I'd say I sound like a broken record but am finding that ever fewer people understand what that means. The intimations of geezerdom.

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