Friday, December 01, 2006

An Explanation To My Readers

I had expected to resume the near daily posting schedule after the elections were over but nature intervened. A chronic illness I suffer from had a major flare up. It seems to be subsiding under treatment and with any luck I can resume writing on at least an increased basis.

Blogger was also acting up, which didn’t help.

Now that we can get a few of our items worked on, my proposal for a leftist agenda are:

- To end the damned, criminal, idiotic and massively irresponsible Bush War II in Iraq, and to fully account for how it happened and who benefitted from it,

- To consolidate gains made in the election, to push those forward and increase the number of progressives in the House and Senate,

- To force honest elections WITH A PAPER RECORD OF VOTES COUNTABLE BY HAND AND STRICT STENTENCES FOR THOSE WHO TRY TO PREVENT ELIGIBLE VOTERS CASTING A VOTE AND HAVING IT COUNTED. AND I MEAN JUDGES TOO. Any public official of any kind who violates the right of The People to cast a vote and to have that vote counted should be impeached and imprisoned.

- To force media reform through the fairness doctrine, equal time provisions and local, community service REQUIREMENTS and diversified ownership. None of this phony, voluntary broadcast standards garbage. They’ve had those and they violate them every single time their corporate and personal interest benefits from violating them. They even violate them when they don’t need to, just out of habit.

At least that’s my beginning agenda. Oh, and, by the way, we have to save the biosphere or we are all going to die. I suspect that will include having to finally face the true nature of the Supreme Court, as mostly being a bunch of reality denying, favor the developers and eco-rapists as the world is ending nest featherers.

There is a lot to be done, time is short and as the attacks on the future Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, show, our enemies are working overtime to destroy the small gains we have made. We have no time to fight among ourselves, the tactic of dividing us through self-defeating, internal strife has been the fascists’ greatest weapon through out history. Attack the conservatives, the Republican-fascists. The time to fight among ourselves is after they have been definitively defeated.

Hope you are feeling better. Am a long time reader/lurker at Eschaton.
Like the progressive agenda you got there. Saving the earth really has to be a priority with human induced climate change a fact.
I second the well-wishes.
Thank you, friends. It's not life threatening but it does make life more difficult and it does tend to flare up in the fall.
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