Thursday, December 28, 2006

My post on Gerald Ford

he political use of Gerald Ford's death is not going to be mentioned, contrast the media's reaction to the funerals of Coretta Scott King and Paul Wellstone.

The reason is that the clear lies being told about him at his death are an intrinsic part of the modern political mythology of the financial-political establishment. That began with his continually re-run speech on taking the presidency. He was not restoring democracy, he was not relieving the country of the nightmare Nixon had started and his subsequent actions put the president above the law. If he had not pardoned Nixon and Nixon had been impeached and convicted of the high crimes he clearly was guilty of, Reagan and the two Bushes would never have dared commit the crimes they have. Gerald Ford, the media and the courts have given the president imperial status. So much for the plain spoken common man garbage.

In retirement he skied and played golf and once in a while said something public. While Jimmy Carter was establishing himself as the greatest ex-president, John Quincy Adams his closest competition, Ford was living the good life that most obnoxious of rat pack songs sang of. The country suffered through three of the most corrupt administrations in its history. And that nightmare continues.

In retirement he skied and played golf and once in a while said something public. While Jimmy Carter was establishing himself as the greatest ex-president

Being a young-'un who doesn't know better, my opinion of Ford is higher than yours (being that magically you have more wisdom than I in spite of only being ... what you're like 5 years older than I? ;) ), but still, in regards to this part of your post (and the political use of Ford's death), I would like to bring up this piece of work from the local (to my parents' home), right-wing rag (of course, I'm referring to the first part on Ford).

Going to visit my parents (who are, relative to their region of the country, left-wing moonbat extremists) and reading the local paper is like entering a mirror world (WTF is up with Mallard Fillmore? It was always righty-tighty, but I don't recall it ever being so bizarre and farbissiner as it is nowadays ... why the farbissinerkheit? is the cartoonist mad that the GOP was not able to parlay their control of all 3 branches of government into a dictatorship? oh well I digress ... but I did want to wonder where that strip gets the idea that the GOP has been bipartisan while the Dems. are going for the jugular?) ... but the above linked piece is over-the-top by any measure: ex-presidents should shut up? WTF?
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