Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still Reading the IGS Report

so no comments yet except to say if you think Bush is going to do anything decent or wise except by threat, fat chance. Before I'm ready to comment here's one of the best comments on Bush War II as it is presented by our kept media.

Now we have brought to Iraq a civil war and we must call it such. But, even that is far too tame a term to use for the senseless and barbaric slaughter of a guiltless people. When I first read The Lancet’s account of how many Iraqis now dead which is 655,000 my sympathy is for them and not Bush Sr. As each of those deaths occurred, people did cry and their tears could probably fill an ocean.

If we as a sympathetic society are to feel sympathy for anyone’s tears, let them go to a little girl whose father was lost in this most immoral war. I saw the photo below days before Election Day and wrote of what her father will miss out on because Bush Sr’s son took her father away. Let her tears be the ones to remember and not that of the late president. It is time for his family’s dynasty to end.

Good post, Mary MacElveen.

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