Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Needs To Be Done

he news about Sen. Tim Johnson highlights the vital necessity of putting maximum pressure on the "moderate" Republicans, to put that pressure on them on every issue and to not let up on that pressure. The "moderates" hold the ability of keeping the country out of the strangle hold of the Republican-fascists, if they choose to. Their "moderation" is a pose for election purposes, to be abandoned when the Republican-fascists tell them to OR it's a deeply held principle of "moderation". The proof is in what actually happens in real life, not in the mealy-mouthed platitudes that are the only tangible substance of the pose. In other words, as things stand, the "moderates" are a bunch of liars. Let them prove that wrong with their actions, not with their lying mouths.

Two words: Arlen Fucking Specter.
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