Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jimmy Carter Got Off A Great Line Yesterday
In response to the efforts to have him debate Dershowitz, the former president said to loud applause: "I didn't think Brandeis needed a Harvard professor to come" and tell them how to think.

Who says Carter is without guile?

I dont know why Carter would be so thin skinned about all the controversy about his book....he has spared George Bush no mercy...He has never been any help to our country when he was President and he certainly isnt now with his uncalled for negative remarks. Go back to peanut farming maybe you would be good at that.
Anonymous, did you read the accounts of his talk at Brandise? He apologised for the sentence that has been widly taken out of context and held up as proof that Carter is supporting terror? Then there is the fact that he, the person who has done more to secure Israel than any other American, has been called just about every variation of an anti-Semite? And those are just the more polite things.

Not having been there and relying only on the accounts, I don't think he was being thin skinned.

As for his retiring to his farm, there seems to be a demand for his other talents. People keep asking for his help and advice. Maybe if they could get by without it he would go back to farming and building a few houses for the homeless.
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